Accessing business opportunities can be difficult due to disparities in wealth accumulation. Historically marginalized entrepreneurs often struggle obtaining financing and support services to grow their businesses.

When you give to JumpStart, you help ensure that diverse business owners and startup founders receive the risk-friendly capital, free services and inclusive educational programming they need to succeed.

Empower Community Growth and Innovation

Our work depends on a combination of public, private and philanthropic funding. Our like-minded partners, sponsors and donors make our mission of community transformation possible.

Support Small
Business Service

Help us get more capital into the hands of local small business owners. Your donation will provide funding and free programming for the entrepreneurs that spark change in our communities by creating jobs and revitalizing neighborhoods.

With your support, we can ensure every entrepreneur – regardless of their background – has the resources they need to succeed.

Tech Innovation

Make a commitment to match our state funding and help local tech founders and trailblazers scale their startups and accelerate innovation in our region.

JumpStart leverages state funding by matching public investment dollar-for-dollar with non-state resources to amplify impact. With your support, we can drive state dollars to our regional tech ecosystem.

Our Future

Looking ahead, we believe that a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable future is possible. Pledge your support to help us build on our 20-year legacy and ensure that in the next two decades entrepreneurship will continue to strengthen our local economy.

Together, we can create a future of shared prosperity, where every community is a hub of opportunity.


Let’s Talk

For more information on supporting or sponsoring JumpStart’s 20th anniversary fundraising campaign, please contact Mary Paxton at [email protected] or 216-363-3409.